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    Shanghai Realmax Klc Holdings Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Realmax or Realmax Holding) started in the domestic capital market is gradually opening up, and constantly improve the background of the times, in line with national and Shanghai on the reform of the financial system and policy tendency of the development of innovation and transformation. Realmax adhere to the principle of "reasonable and trustworthy, built to last" core values, and carry out the strategic orientation of capital to promote industrial development, financial serves in the real economy. for the business management of all types of financial qualification sound, the group and its holding company has Chinese fund industry association for the record of private equity funds and the financing lease business license, as well as financial leasing and commercial factoring issued by the State Administration of Commerce and other types of financial business license,and is applying for the license issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a sales license.

    Team Founder of Realmax Holding have extensive social resources and efficient management. Over the years maintain close contact with Shanghai central enterprise and municipal state-owned enterprises, has long -term cooperation with brokers and commercial banks, trust companies and other well-known financial institutions, provide the financial services for the five major power groups, large-scale coal mining group, the well-known real estate group and other central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and the listed company. The core management team from the banks, securities, funds, trusts, financial Internet financial and other fields, and distributed in the products, sales, brand, strategy, operations, finance and other business sectors. Rich experience and diligent team sense of responsibility of the management team Effectively improve the level of financial products risk control, effectively ensure the profitability of asset management.  

    Since the beginning of 2016, based on the foundation of supply chain finance for many years, constantly create industry-leading business mode. The core development strategy and industry to focus on asset management, construction of financial industry chain closed loop. Each key field is independent and organic, develop and close contact, and gradually form a coordinated development of online and offline business management and marketing model,based on the whole life cycle of the financial ecology. At present the subordinate company of Realmax Holding including Realmax Financial Services, Realmax Wealth, Realmax Fund, Mengmi Entertainment and industrial investment meters and other major business segments, were committed to the supply chain financial services,wealth management, equity fund investment, film and television culture investment, high-tech industries, energy finance and other key areas.Over the years, the total capital scale of the fund management reached to billions of dollars.

    Along with the expand fund management industry and enhance the corresponding personnel management team of Realmax, the future will continue to promote the industry in depth and breadth of business development,and seek the capital market development at the right time. In the future, Realmax Holding will always uphold the principle of "Reasonable and Trustworthy, Built to Last" concept of development, pioneering spirit, innovation, development goals toward large-scale comprehensive financial holding group and continue forward.

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